Pavilion Celebration this Wednesday June 22nd at 6pm

I want to remind everyone of the Pavilion Celebration this Wednesday at 6pm.  See the attachment for details.  If you get this email more than once, it means you have gardened with us more than one year and you get an extra hot dog or brat for each time you receive this email.   See you Wednesday! Andy (see attachment for more info) pavilion celebration  Read More →

PCG’s 2011 Season has begun!

Howdy All, Since it is rare that we update this site and rarer still that I post blog like updates, I want to do that now to commemorate the start of PCG's 4th year.  We had our annual season kick off meeting at the library this past Wednesday and it was again a hit.  There were over two dozen folks who came to sign up for plots, find out what all is going on, or just show support.  We also had a number of guest speakers comment... [Read More...]

2010 Harvest Celebration, Saturday September 25th

The date is set, the band is booked, the tables are being built, and the shade pavilion will soon be installed.  All that means we are almost set for the 2010 Harvest Celebration.  PCG will be providing the grillable grubbery and some drinks, fellow gardeners will be supplying some fresh veggies or creations from their gardens, White Mule will be adding the live bluegrass music.  There will be games for the kids and prizes.   You... [Read More...]

Kid’s Corner- Lights On Gardening Program

  By Kristin Vogel    Entry #5 Tuesday, July 27th, 2010   The heat and sunshine go on, which is great for our gardens.  Today’s class started with the usual chores…..weeding and watering.  We pulled up our spinach that had started to bolt, and marveled at the speed with which our green beans are growing.  The pumpkin patch is looking great, too.  Big orange flowers are popping up everywhere, soon... [Read More...]

Kid’s Corner- Lights On Gardening Program

  By Kristin Vogel Tuesday, July 20, 2010 July has been HOT!  There has been no shortage of sunshine to help our gardens grow.  The Lights On gardeners had a record harvest last week: Two types of lettuce, spinach, lemon basil, purple basil and mint.  They fertilized their beds and the pumpkin patch, and learned a little bit about the Lander Farmers Market from Janet Smithson.  Lots of local folks sell the extra produce... [Read More...]

Kid’s Corner- Lights On Gardening Program

#3  Tuesday, June 29th    It feels like summer is here in full force.  The days have been hot and windy.  Our veggies, fruits and flowers are exploding with growth.  All we have to do is keep them watered.  The Lights On gardeners went on a fieldtrip today to the beautiful perennial garden of Nancy Debevoise.  When the gate opened up to her backyard, a fantastical world of blue and purple flowers, plants with... [Read More...]

Kid’s Corner – Light’s On Gardening Program

    By Kristin Vogel Tuesday, June 22, 2010     It was a gorgeous, first day of summer in Lander today.  The Lights On gardeners celebrated by giving their newly transplanted veggies, melons and flowers a little love.  They watered thoroughly and then mulched their beds.  The students had learned the week before that mulching your plants helps to retain moisture in the soil, and discourages unwanted weeds from... [Read More...]

Kid’s Corner – Lights On Gardening Program

By Kristin Vogel, PCG Education Coordinator Thursday, June 17, 2010 Today was a busy day in the garden for the 3rd – 6th grades students who are participating in the Pushroot Gardening Program through Lights On!  It was our second class of the season.  During our first class we toured the garden.  We discussed the concept of a community garden, and why people would want to rent a plot.  The students shared their knowledge... [Read More...]

2010 Fence project

Once again the gardeners and garden supporting volunteers came through in a huge way on Sunday the 13th.  We attached over two hundred rails to eighty plus posts to create nearly eight hundred feet of perimeter fence.  There is still a bit of work to do on the fence, such as adding mesh to the lower section to keep out the deer and rabbits and building a couple of gates.  The fence serves to delineate the boundaries of the garden park... [Read More...]

Barnyards and Backyards workshops

Howdy All, I would like to call your attention to the upcoming Barnyards and Backyards workshops.  The first local workshop that pertains to gardeners is a Saturday April 17th on the ins and outs of Farmer's Markets.  Since PCG is going to have a plot designated to sales at the farmers market this year, this is particularly relevant.   Second is a Extending Your Growing Season workshop taking place Saturday May 15th.  Among... [Read More...]

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