PCG’s 2011 Season has begun!

Howdy All,

Since it is rare that we update this site and rarer still that I post blog like updates, I want to do that now to commemorate the start of PCG's 4th year.  We had our annual season kick off meeting at the library this past Wednesday and it was again a hit.  There were over two dozen folks who came to sign up for plots, find out what all is going on, or just show support.  We also had a number of guest speakers comment on programs and events that relate to the garden.  These ranged from The Nature Conservancy picnic held on Earth Day at the garden, to announcements about our local Farmers Market, to fundraising events.  We also unveiled the new PCG sign that was painted by Kristin Vogel and installed at the garden this Earth Day.

We want to thank everyone that attended and let you all know that we are looking forward to another great year gardening together.



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