2012 End of Season- Put Your Bed to Bed

Our season officially closes November 1.

Putting your bed to bed:
Per your signed gardener agreement, it is your responsibility to clean out your bed and turn the soil. All temporary structures must be taken home (no items, especially tomato cages are to be left at the garden site as a "donation").


Please use the following guidelines for winterizing your garden:


  • All gardeners should put their dead vegetation (weeds and all) in the new bake bed (east of the pavilion) rather than pile it up beside the shed.
  • Put a wheelbarrow load of mushroom compost in each 5 by 10 bed and two loads in each 10 by 15 bed and work it into the soil. That will let it settle in for the winter.

As a reminder, failure to comply with the gardener agreement of cleaning out your bed AND having not completed the orientation and/or your required volunteer hours will remove you from eligibility of renting a garden in subsequent years. Please help out the community and do your part!

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